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Breast Milk Soap(set of 6)

Breast Milk Soap(set of 6)

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Breast milk is high in fats and therefore ideal for making a creamy soap. It naturally contains more sugars than other types of milk used in soap making, which gives a finished bar of breast milk soap a silky lather. Breastmilk soap works very soothing for various skin issues, like diaper rash and eczema. Let's face it mama, your breastmilk is a powerful potion, a lot of hard work and dedication goes into making it, why not turn it into another powerful source.


How it works:

You place your order, we send you an insulated cooler, you send us back the cooler with 5oz of your breastmilk, then we get busy creating your beautiful soap for your little one, and even you mama! If you're local we will reach out and schedule a time and day for me to pick up your milk and deliver the soaps when they are ready! When you receive your soap it is recommended that you refrigerate the bars until you're ready to use it. If over time any soaps become foul smelling you should discard the bar and not use. 


Soaps are made with a clear glycerin base, ground oatmeal and a dash of lavender essential oil.  These are made to order so please allow us 7-14 business days to get these shipped back to you. 

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